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TrueStory is a software company that combines years of industry experience and expertise alongside the latest in AI technology. Based in Los Angeles, our team of passionate developers and digital marketing specialists are united against one common challenge that we have encountered with small businesses around the globe: How do you share your stories with the world to build social proof?

Social proof has become the leading reason for customers selecting service providers – and even more so when they are coming to their homes – and is only growing in terms of importance. But creating high-quality customer stories or testimonies is a full-time job that most small businesses don’t have the time or money to dedicate to.

That’s why here at TrueStory, we wanted to build a platform that leveraged technology to empower small businesses to build social proof by sharing their stories. Our mission is to help as many companies as possible to capture their stories and publish them to their website and social media, helping them to grow their business.

Our Values


We believe that our clients’ successes are our successes. We strive to help our clients tell and share their stories with their target audience so that they can win more clients and become more profitable.


We build the latest AI and automation tools to save time and money for our customers. We will continue to improve using the latest technology and innovations to provide the maximum efficiency for our customers.


We want any company, no matter their size, resources, or technical ability, to be able to share their stories, which is why we make solutions that are simple to use and cost-effective.