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The TrueStory Content Marketing Platform: Easily Create and Share Quality Content

As a content marketer, you know that creating quality content is only half the battle. Once your masterpiece is created, you then have to somehow get it in front of the right people. TrueStory was created with this challenge in mind. Our platform helps businesses improve their online presence by making it easy to collaborate and create quality content.

The TrueStory web portal is the central hub for all content creation and collaboration. Here, users can easily manage their content, upload files, and post to social media channels. The WordPress plugin integration enables businesses to send their freshly crafted content directly to their website automatically or manually with just a few clicks. The mobile app makes it easy to upload photos and videos from anywhere, so you can keep your audience updated no matter where you are.

With TrueStory, businesses have everything they need to produce high-quality content and get it in front of the right people. So what are you waiting for? Try TrueStory today and see the results for yourself!