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With TrueStory you can post amazing content to your website and social media in under 90 seconds and with just a few clicks. Compared to the normal publishing workflow that takes over 4 hours per post, you’ll be saving up to 99% on content creation labor costs. A great content creation strategy is the easiest way to rank for thousands of keywords and take your marketing to the next level.

Forget the old way

The Old Way vs. The

TrueStory Way

Hire a content team to regularly come up with fresh content that ranks. Then post it to your website and social media consistently.

Create high-quality content and post to all of your platforms in under 90 seconds.

Idea generation
The old way
Coming up with new and relevant ideas for content takes time - the creative process can't be rushed!

The TrueStory way
Our AI will take the pressure off by coming up with content ideas that are fresh and always relevant to your audience.
10 Min Saved
Data Collection
The old way
Getting the details to write in-depth customer stories usually means collecting and sharing information from your team. It can be a nightmare trying to schedule time with busy salespeople to get the details needed to write up the customer story.

The TrueStory way
With TrueStory, the details are all provided to the app via a survey that takes only a few seconds to complete. No more chasing down team members for key details, the AI takes the information from the app and writes it up instantly.
29 Min Saved
Creating an Outline
The old way
Creating an outline sets the theme or focus of the post. You’ll need to do some research to make sure you stay relevant and that the outline is consistent with your other posts and in line with your content marketing strategy.

The TrueStory way
Our AI already has all the information to make sure all the important points are covered.
49 Min Saved
Add Multimedia
The old way
Adding photos and video to your post makes it more engaging and visually appealing for your audience. However, the process of searching through files of photos, editing, uploading and then tagging them is laborious.

The TrueStory way
With TrueStory, all the project photos are already related to the customer in the app, so we can easily select and upload them for you. There are even tools for creating multimedia galleries, maps and videos, making your posts more engaging, attracting more readers and boosting your website traffic.
79 Min Saved
Writing and Revisions
The old way
The writing and feedback process can involve multiple revisions as the post goes through different editing and approvals procedures. Whether your writer is external or internal, you will need to involve different members of the team to check and approve posts which can sometimes create bottlenecks.

The TrueStory way
With the TrueStory AI-powered story writing engine, blog posts are done right, first time, every time. If you have specific requirements, simply set a notification that allows you to manually check and approve content before it gets published.
138 Min Saved
The old way
The optimization step is a key part of your content marketing strategy and involves making sure industry keywords are included, images are tagged correctly, and the voice and tone matches your company brand consistently.

The TrueStory way
TrueStory does all of this for you automatically so you can be sure that your content is fully optimized, every time.
158 Min Saved
The old way
Posting the content to your website means logging into your account, adding the content, configuring all the settings and making sure everything is formatted correctly and optimized for search engines.

The TrueStory way
TrueStory automates the process of posting content to WordPress while ensuring that your posts are properly formatted for maximum visibility in search engines.
3 Hours Saved
Social Media Distribution
The old way
Distributing content to social media means going through a checklist of manual tasks. And if you have multiple social media channels then this work is multiplied. Doing these repetitive tasks is not only time consuming, but it's also easy to make mistakes.

The TrueStory way
TrueStory automates social media postings to help you distribute content quickly and easily to all of your channels from one central location. You can choose to post everything automatically as soon as the content is ready or schedule it at optimum times of day for maximum exposure.
4 Hours Saved

Try the TrueStory way

Create high-quality content and post to all of your platforms in under 90 seconds. Save time and conquer the web.

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The same results would take up to four hours when done manually. 

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