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How to Improve Your Small Business’ SEO with a Google Review Link Via Text

Google reviews are important for small businesses, as they can help improve the visibility of the business on the search engine results pages (SERPs). However, getting customers to write reviews can be difficult.

One way to increase the likelihood of customers writing reviews is to provide them with a link to do so. This can be done through SMS, which is a highly-opened medium. TrueStory, a content marketing platform, provides its users with the ability to create and send a link to their customers instantly via SMS upon job completion. This allows customers to leave reviews while they are still fresh in their minds, which can lead to higher review rates.

Additionally, providing a link to leave a review through SMS can also help improve the SEO of a small business. This is because Google takes into account how many reviews a business has when determining its position on the SERPs. Thus, by providing a link to leave a review through SMS, small businesses can make it easier for customers to write reviews and improve their SEO at the same time.